Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Most Moms I know are tired. Their plates are full with jobs, chores, children, meals to make, floors to clean (again), nursing babies, shopping, car pooling... The list is literally endless. We are, by the true definition of the word, weary.

Weary: 1. Physically or Mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, Strain, etc.; fatigued, tired 2. Impatient or dissatisfied with something

As Moms, we are pulled in zillions of directions, often physically AND mentally exhausted and, in the moment, can be dissatisfied by the state of our minds, bodies, houses, children's attitudes... WEARY.

Lately, I have been weary, too. I haven't wanted to even put a clean shirt on, let alone lace up my sneaks and pound the pavement- where would the energy even come from?

I love the verse from Isaiah: run and not grow weary, walk and not faint

It is often my mantra as I'm out on the road forcing myself forward. I thought of these words the other day as I debated whether actually doing my long run for the week. It would be my longest run to date, beating my previous long run record by 1.5 miles. I was too tired. I had a headache. My period had just started. I was feeling a bit more than weary, I was on a hormonal crash course.

But, just as the Bible promises we are renewed in Jesus, I grabbed my mp3 player, blasted some awesome tunes and found that as I ran, I too was renewed. I had a goal, I had something to accomplish and it was only for me- no one else in the entire world was facing that exact route, that exact mileage as I was. I ran, and I was not weary... in fact, I even walked some, and I did not faint. 

I'm still tired today, and I'll likely start making some excuses here soon to try and avoid my tempo run this evening, but I know once I get out there, even if the time is brief, that run is mine. It belongs to me. My muscles may get sore, my lungs may burn, but my heart will not be weary, because I made the time to run, just for me. 

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Dax, Ian, and Jude said...

Love this post...thank you for such inspiring words! ~Rebecca
P.S. 16 days until I see you!!! :)