Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I am so happy to have a reason to put on snow pants and some outdoor gear.  Snow!

I had two weeks of off exercise, one from travelling and one from sickness.  It was so nice to get to snowshoe around the block with my boys and stretch my legs.   Once you get into the habit of moving your body, you realize how much it adds to the dynamic of your whole life.  You start to yearn for movement.

Now, I'm looking forward to some time in the North Woods, snow shoes and sledding instead of a treadmill at the Y.

See you in the New Year!  I hope you either enjoy the snow, or have the choice to stay snuggly warm inside.

I just signed up for my first event of 2013, an indoor triathalon to see how I'm doing.  I waffled for too long on the Lincoln Half Marathon-sold out in less than a day!

What are your plans for 2013?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Goal... Interrupted

So I really really wanted to run the Full marathon in May.  It was a Goal.  I was doing so well.  Then I got hurt.  I am really way more hurt than I let on.  I ended up going to the doctor.   I had to find a new doctor just to go to one.  So I had not been to a Family doctor in a few years.  He referred me to Physical Therapy and I started that on Friday.  I told her my goals and that I had hoped to run a Full.  She figured out what was wrong with me and told me she has a plan to get me back running.  I have not even been able to run lately.  She said I can help you but I think if you run the full you will just be right back in here seeing me again after you are done.  The half is a reasonable goal and I can help you with that but the Full is not something I would recommend.  So I was disappointed and started thinking what should I do, should I listen to her, should I still try it?  I then walked out of the room we were in and everyone was talking about Sandy Hook Elementary.  I turned on the radio in my car, I then watched the news on the TV.  I cried and cried.  I hugged my little ones.  I gave Paige the biggest hug when I picked her up from school.

I felt silly for worrying about what race I would run.  The thing is I will be able to run a race again.  I want to be able to run 26 miles for the 26 victims at the school shooting but if I can't do that in May I will still do it.  My dream is not gone, my dream was just interrupted by a injury.  An injury I can work though and overcome.  In light of recent events what race I run on May 5th does not seem all that important.  My family and friends and spending time with them and telling them I love them is what I want to focus on now.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

p90x- Week 2

Day 8: Core Synergistics- my favorite workout of the week!

Day 9: Reality. Sinks. In. Workout everyday? Ummmm..... I took a nap with one of my daughters. Big fail. And I totally regretted it the rest of the day!

Day 10: Back in gear... AND, I need heavier weights! Bring on the 8 pounders!

Day 11: Yoga. I do Jillian Michaels Yoga instead. Feelin' the burn.

Day 12: Legs, legs and more legs. I am shaky and sore within minutes of completing it and the soreness last for 3 whole days.

Day 13 & 14: Both rest days. ooooopsies. I find its actually harder to work out on the weekends when my kids are here.

So, in all, not the greatest week, BUT Im still proud of how far I've come and how much stronger I feel, in general. No noticeable difference on the scale, which is fine, but I'm really feeling good!

Week 3!! I'm going to push hard before the "rest" week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 Day Shred

I was inspired by Megan and my half-marathon Sole Sisters to kick up my workouts a notch. I've been pretty consistent with my running but not upping my mileage as I've felt on the verge of an injury recently. I have a good routine of running 2-3 times a week, 2 days of elliptical plus a core class at the Y, and the occasional yoga class. However, the running and strength training have gotten much easier for me over the past few months, and with my kids in school and a new job I find that I'm less active during the day.

I've owned the 30 Day Shred DVD for some time - I bought it when we lived in our old house, so I've probably had it for 2 years. I've never done it. Not once. So sad! The workouts are only 20 minutes each so I'm committing to 1 DVD workout a day in addition to my regular routine for the month of December. The holidays are a hard time to keep focused on health and fitness, what with all of the extra obligations and tempting treats, and I'm not a New Year's resolution kind of girl!

Here's hoping that a little extra cardio and strength training will up my running game enough to commit to a big race, or at least keep those extra holiday pounds at bay... as the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! What are you doing to keep fit during the busy holiday season, replace missed runs due to bad weather, or cross train?

Monday, December 3, 2012

P90X- Week1 DONE

Day 1: I literally yell "I hate you" at my computer screen while doing superman/banana rolls.

Day 2: So sore. And now you're going to make me do an hour of cardio....!!! BUT I DONT! Miracle.

Day 3: Sore. Tired. Baby up a lot last night. But, I do arms, chest and abs like a champ.

Day 4: Aleve is my new best friend. And Yoga. Lots of Yoga today.

Day 5: Legs, back and abs. These ab workouts are insane. Literally, crazy. My legs are shaking 2 hours after this workout, but I feel good.

Day 6: I actually don't get the KenpoX done. Kids wont give me a quiet moment and with football on, hubby isn't watching the kids while I do it, either. He did watch the kids while I went for a walk/run this morning. Nearly 3.5 miles with my Sole Sisters. It was a good day and a good way to shake out my sore muscles.

Day 7: Rest day. Thankful. I feel lighter already- weird? Not sure yet. I've also already had to change from 3lb weights to 5lbs! I'm a maniac!

83 more days to go!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another injured player

I hate to say it, but here comes another post about injuries.

This is my first injury.  I'm still not sure how it happened, what it is, or when it will go away.  It started in my shins and has traveled down to the area right above my ankle.  It was both legs, and now it's just my right.

Injuries are weird.  And annoying.  And I want to be out there running.

Wait, what?  What did I type?  "I want to be out there running." 

I can't believe I'm saying it, but it's true.  From someone who never thought she'd run, it's a gratifying feeling.  I'm injured, but I'm missing the slap of my soles against the pavement.  The feeling of accomplishment after a run.  And that's a good thing!

In the meantime I have been enjoying some good walks on a steep incline at the Y, and an early morning brisk walk with one of my BRFs who is also injured.  A walk outside in December in Nebraska!  It's crazy! (I actually just came inside from turning off my sprinkler!)

I think I'm almost healed but I'm scared to start running again.  Soon, legs...soon.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Sorry for Myself

So I have been dealing with an injury here for over a month.  It really sucks!  I hate that I can't run when I want to run.  I hate that I have to stop not because I am tired or because I reached my goal but I have to stop because my leg hurts.  It seems that after about three miles my leg feels really heavy and almost gives out on me.  I thought I was doing better and then I pushed it too hard and now it hurts bad again. 

I am normally a very positive person.  I am the one who picks everyone else up when they are down.  I have been told I give great advice and I can be very motivating but what happened when I am the one who is down?  Well, I guess I start to feel sorry for myself. 

I have had plans to run the FULL marathon this year and now this injury seems to be messing up with my plans and I don't know what to do.  My husband claims the thing he loves the most about me and also annoys him the most is that once I get an idea in my head, I am doing it.  No stopping me I am going to do it.  BUT what if I physically can not do it?

I watched a video today that is posted on our Sole Sisters Facebook page ( check it out).  It was about a guy who was told he would not be able to run or walk without assistance and guess what?  He proved them wrong.  It really made me think,  why am I sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I am hurt.  I can work through this.  I can still reach my goals.  I can even still run a FULL marathon.  I have time on my side and any one who knows me knows I also have determination.  My goal for this year was to run a FULL marathon well this year also has 365 days in it.  If I can not do Lincoln ( which I have not given up on) there are plenty of other marathons and days and more time.

I am officially done feel sorry for myself and back to dreaming big, don't give up, never ever give up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Raw Revolution Bars

"Raw, living foods are clean, and have higher nutrient content than cooked food. Processed foods such as protein isolates and grain based fillers are acidic and cause fermentation in the body. Raw Organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology."-

RawRevolution Bars kindly sent us some samples.   Responses varied depending on the flavor and the consumer.

"I ate mine before a run and it seemed to work and give a little boost of energy.  I like the small size and thought they tasted ok" - Meghan
“I liked the simple ingredients and found a great energy boost pre or post run with enough protein to prevent a sugar crash.” –Joyce

“I really like the taste of the snacks, not too sweet.  I didn’t notice if they gave me any extra energy eaten post workout.” - Michelle

Two Sole Sisters weren't so sure:
Melaney tasted it, but it took her back to having to be on a special diet and she opted out.    Lora found the Spirulina Dream bar tasty, but with a funky color. 
Erica put it well.  “Don’t be deceived by looks. Although this little bar of energy looks disgusting, it actually tasted pretty good and was a lot of calories packed in a little bar. I love that it's organic & would definitely consider buying these for long distance training.”
Overall, Sole Sisters thought they were a winner.   If you are put off by the color or texture, give it a chance, the flavor is good and they can add a raw burst of energy to your day.

The Story of how RawRev bars got started is inspiring to us, as well! We applaud her for her determination to make food (and life!) better for her son!

"As a Registered Nurse and Natural Foods Chef I’ve developed a passion for preparing and eating raw foods. When I made raw snacks for my son as an alternative to high sugar processed snacks, friends also loved the taste and suggested selling them. That seemed impossible. As a single mother of an active two year-old, working full time, how would I start a business? Well, I found time to develop the Brownie, tested them out and got great response. Even the average person, not just a health food nut, loved the taste.!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Challenge

I am a Mother. I had 4 kids in 5 years. My body is not what it used to be. Now, I don't want to be the size I once was, even the weight. I want to embrace my Mommy body, I want to own it. I want to tone it up and be proud of who my kids have made me, who I am now because of motherhood.

Running was a HUGE obstacle for me to overcome. I am still shocked that I claim to be a runner and that my legs get jittery when its been a few days between runs.

BUT- now, I have a stress fracture. The last two months my runs have been few and far between. Someday soon (shouldn't it have been here by now?) the cold snap will actually hit the midwest and running will definitely not be an option anymore as I don't own a treadmill and honestly, I have not the time or money for the gym.

Enter Stage Left: P90x.

Oh jeez. What have I gotten myself into? Am I REALLY going to do this? REALLY? I'm officialy insane.

My friend Inna invited me to join her on this 90 day voyage. She did it 2 years ago and her results are truly remarkable. And, as I said, I'm not so much in it for the weight loss, but the idea of toning my stomach and getting stronger for the Spring when I can hopefully run again consistently is alluring. I have goals for the spring and summer race seasons and I feel this sort of crazy-intense strength training will help me not just reach those goals, but exceed them.

BUT- 90 days. 6 days a week. I'm certifiable.

So, my hope is to post here each Monday on my progress. Did I actually do all 6 workouts? Can I really finish what I've started? Running has shown me that I have the strength inside to go longer, further, harder... lessons I will try to remember as I'm gargling my heart after too many pushups.

And I start..... today! Yikes!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A winner: Sof Sole socks found  comment # 27 to be our winner! Congrats to Julie! Email me!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for the litte things

I have so very much to be thankful for, really the list is endless, but in the chaos of everyday life the things tend to get over looked. It is sad because the things that I lose sight of are things that would seriously be a great loss to me. This time of year is a great time to slow down and think of how very fortunate I am.

I am tremendously blessed to have a healthy family. I have two healthy and happy little girls. My hubby is in good health and will hopefully stay as healthy as he can too! Our extended family is also doing very well this year and that is truly something to be thankful for this year.

I feel so thankful to have such a supportive family. My hubby not only helps drag the girls to runs/races for me, but he tells me he is proud of me! My sisters have watched my girls so that I/we can run and my family even reads the posts I write. :) Really, I couldn't ask for more!

I am incredibly thankful for a school/teachers that let me be as involved as I wish in my daughters' education. They are at school for so many hours and when I think of it over the course of a school year I feel so sad that I miss so much. Being able to go in, even just weekly, and interact in their school setting makes me feel so much better about their schooling.

I am thankful for my Sole Sisters! They are a great group of women who not only support each other as blood sisters would but they also are always eager to help the community as a whole. It is such a blessing to have these women who started out as my mommy friends become more than just friends. Thank you, Sole Sisters! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for Community

When I first started running, I knew a handful of runners. I had friends who would occasionally run. My husband ran in high school. I once attempted to run during swim team off-season.

Once I advertised, though, that I was running. That I was ENJOYING my runs, that running was beginning to mean so much to me... not only did I meet more runners, but I learned a lot about friends and even acquaintances that ran, and our bonds strengthened.

Our Sole Sisters group formed, and their love, encouragement  patience and gentle "shut your whining and just go!" attitudes pushed me to places I never thought possible. I used to believe I had limits, now I know I can soar beyond.

Our community, too, has come out to show support for their love of running and for kids in need. Our recent Bare Your Sole Event left me feeling so full of jubilation and a desire to do more.

Our online community, our Facebook friends, new "likes", other pages we "like", brands we support... its amazing how so many can come together over something so seemingly simple.

I am grateful. I am grateful for you, for reading this post. Know that you are part of an amazing community and the Sole Sisters are happy to have you here with us!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankfulness: A Review and Giveaway

The Sole Sisters are Thankful for: RUNNING SOCKS!!!!!

We were sent a box of Sof Sole anti-friction socks and, without exception, we love them!

I agree with the others here, they are the only socks I reach for in my drawer and I will be giving them as Christmas gifts this year.  They are incredibly soft, even after multiple washings.   The first time I wore them I ran almost 5 miles (4.98 errrrr so close!) a new distance for me-what was even better? Not one hot spot on my toes! 

Other comments:

 “Comfy fit, breathable and cushion in the perfect spot.” -Megan
“Love the socks! They make my feet feel good.  Too bad I can’t wear them in my dress shoes!”-Michelle

“I have been wearing Sof Sole socks instead of my regular casual socks whenever possible.  So comfortable!  They are great for running, too!  Light cushion and no rubbing.” –Joyce

“These socks are amazingly soft and comfy!  The price point is terrifc for the amount of cushion and support offered.  They come in fun colors and have become the first socks I grab.” -Erica

“These socks are super comfy to run in and priced really well.  I have more expensive running socks but SofSole are just as nice to run in” –Melaney  

To Sof Sole, We love you!  -Sole Sisters

AND- we have a 3-pack to giveaway, just to share the love! We hope your feet will be as thankful as our own! The Anti-Friction, Low Cut sock features:
  • Mesh vent for airflow
  • Fitted heel pocket
  • Seamless toe
  • Patented anti-friction ribs enhance stability
Want to enter the giveaway? Just enter a separate comment below for any of the following:
  1. "Like" Sole Sisters on Facebook
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  3. Share this Blog post on FB (Please send us the link so we can check it out!)
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  5. Tell us what you're thankful for!
Contest ends Friday at 10pm. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Starting Tomorrow, the Sole Sisters will be hosting a virtual Turkey Trot! Add your Thanksgiving miles to this post- can we get over 200 miles in this week? The "race" ends next Saturday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Running helps me to realize all that I am thankful for.  In this month as we approach Thanksgiving I think about what I am thankful for lately.  I am thankful for modern technology.  I had a scare on my first mammogram and after spending all day at the doctor, I was able to go home and come back in six months and they will just watch the area, and they believe everything is fine!   This technology is what saved my mom's life, now a five year cancer survivor because she stayed on top of her health and was well aware that she needed to do that, due to the fact that her mother ( my grandma) lost her battle with breast cancer.

I am thankful for a hard working husband who earns free trips that we are able to get away and relax and for family that does everything they can to help me get away from watching my children or watching my dog or picking Paige up from school.  They all come together to help me get away and I am so thankful for that.

I am also thankful for my Sole Sisters and all their hard work on the First "Bare Your Sole" event.  I am thankful that many more children will have shoes on their feet due to their hard work.  I am also thankful that I am able to provide shoes for my children and actually kind of feel silly at how many shoes they do have to wear.  I think I will donate and downsize :)

I am thankful I am able to run, I have had to run less lately due to an injury and while it was hard.  I can still run and I am so SO very thankful for that.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bare Your Sole Run

Thank you, to everyone who made this possible today!!!

Bare Your Soles Run

We raised 72 pairs of shoes! I am so, so proud of everyone and feel so honored to be part of a group that cares so much and will do so much to give back to others. Share the love. Serve your community! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sole Sisters Prepare for Charity Event

Sole Sisters Prepare for Charity Event

To celebrate World Run Day on November 11th, the Sole Sisters will be hosting the first ever Bare Your Sole Run. The Bare Your Sole Run is a 1 mile barefoot optional run to benefit Elliott Elementary School, Lincoln, Ne. Entry fee to this event is a pair of new or gently used shoes.

Elliott Elementary is located in the heart of Lincoln. 91% of students are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch. As a way to help some of the children who are sent to school without shoes to protect their feet, the Sole Sisters are hosting the Bare Your Sole Run. As mothers and runners, we all know that every single person has to start somewhere. We are hoping that as a community we can help more kids get to the starting line and be ready to run! 

Please consider joining us on this day at Trago Park in Lincoln at 3:30 pm by offering your "entry fee" of a pair of new or gently used children shoes. This will be a very family-friendly fun event! Post-race refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there!

For more info you can visit us on Facebook.

NUUN: A review

Three of our Sole Sisters were given the chance to review NUUN!

I gave my Tri-Berry Nuun a test drive on a 7-mile long run. I almost always bring along some sort of nutrition for long runs in addition to my water.  The tube of Nuun just fit in my Amphipod handheld water bottle pouch along with my key, so that was convenient, especially if it were to be a longer run when I’d need additional tabs for extra hydration/nutrition. The bottle indicates one tab per 16 oz. of water; however, I thought a full tab tasted fine in my 12 oz. bottle. The tabs do have an indented line down the middle that makes it easy to break in half if a full tab is too much for your size water bottle or you want to share with a running buddy.
I added the tab to my water bottle at the halfway point in my run…easy and convenient; working a lot like Alka-seltzer, and it was ready to drink quickly.  I liked the idea that it gave me a little extra boost and some tasty hydration for only 6 calories compared to the nutrition I often take. Honestly though, I don’t love the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners and it made me a little burp-y during the last half of my run because of the slight carbonation. I did feel good after my run. It didn’t bother my stomach after my run like many other products I’ve consumed on long runs.

I've always been fond of water for hydrating, but I thought, "what if I could MORE out of my water?" So I tried a sample of Citrus Fruit Nuun.
The first time I tried it was after a cool evening run. The best thing about it is it comes in tablet form--no packets to rip open and spill! I dropped a tablet in my Nalgene and "plop plop fizz fizz..." 2 minutes later, I had my fizzy water. I don't run far so I don't carry water with me. When I get home, I hydrate like crazy, so naturally I chugged the whole 16oz. The taste was great, however the fizz didn't really sit well with my tummy. I was burping like crazy and actually had some mild reflux.
The next tablet I tried BEFORE my run. Again, nice taste, but I still wasn't too keen on the fizz. Did a lot of burping while running, which wasn't pleasant.
Third time's a charm, right? Hydration while running! I went for a bit of a longer run (which for me is about 3 miles) so I brought a bottle of Nuun with me. I found out fizzy water does not taste great while running.
I even offered it to my kids because lately they've been drinking less water (something I take full responsibility for since I serve their meals), but they decided the fizz wasn't for them either.
I don't doubt that Nuun is great at helping a body hydrate. "Nuun’s special formulation of electrolytes helps increase the amount of water that’s absorbed into the blood stream." Since I don't drink liquids as often as I should (somehow I can't find the time to sit down with a glass of water or milk or anything unless I'm having a meal) I think Nuun would actually be good for me. Just not while I'm exercising! The price is pretty reasonable for a hydration product as well.

I love it in the evening with some fruit while watching a show. It has the right amount of bubbly and not too much flavor. (I don't like super flavorful juice drinks, sometimes I water mine down. If you like a burst of flavor, you'd probably want to use less water. I would buy it for the winter during cold season and the summer to stay hydrated in the heat. I wouldn’t want to drink it while running, but I enjoyed it almost any other time. I will definitely purchase this for myself again.

To see a list of products and nutritional information, visit NUUN's Website

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disapointed Sole Sister

Well, it happened again. I signed up for a Half Marathon, but life insisted on other plans.

 I wonder if they'll miss me?  I wonder what happens to all the packets that don't get picked up? I wonder how many other runners have hearts full of disappointment knowing that this particular race isn't the race for them any longer?

I've signed up for 4 Half Marathons in the past, but have only ran one.  Think of the MONEY, the TRAINING, the COMMITMENT....lost.  Boo!

The first Half Marathon I ever signed up to run was in Dallas while I was living there. The week-end of the Half Marathon, my good friend miscarried at 23 weeks along.  Her husband was gone for months at a time & I was with her instead of running while she gave birth to an already passed baby boy. 

My second Half Marathon was a beautiful and very successful run in Lincoln, NE!

I signed up for a third Half Marathon last year after having my son.  There were many obstacles to work around with training, but the biggest were finding time for me & my husband to train and a bad chest cold that lasted over a month.  Looking back I have regrets about that Half and wish I would have been more assertive with my training runs & continued on after my cold.

The disappointment I felt in myself after not pushing myself is what lead me to scour the internet looking for a Fall Half Marathon I could run.  I planned one out for KC and even invited another couple to join me!  My hubbie also signed up but said my training would be top priority over the next few months.  Training was going great & I was running the fastest & feeling the best I've ever felt running!  Then, 3 weeks ago to the day, I hurt my pubic bone.  BOOM. No running.  Couldn't even walk for days.  Today I did a trial 1 mile since the Half is next week and realized it's not happening.  My body will not allow for it.  What a disappointment. 

I have a 25% completion rate on my Half Marathons.  I'm thinking it's going to take a lot of future Half Marathons to start working that number back up where it should be!

Cross training

As the weather gets colder and daylight hours get shorter, I find myself needing to find other ways to work on my physical fitness besides running. I do have a treadmill, which is great, but it gets rather tedious 3 times a week too. I also am finding that I have plenty of strength and stamina for running, but not for hauling laundry up and down the stairs or carrying my 4 year old on occasion. I have also been trying to work on my form, especially strengthening my core and retraining my shoulders that want to tighten at the end of every run. All this has brought me to the world of cross training.

A simple Google search for "cross training for runners" tells me that cross training will help balance my muscles, help maintain my cardiovascular fitness, especially if I can't run for some reason, and helps to reduce my chances of being injured by running. There are many different activities to choose from as well, from walking, cycling, swimming, to strength training, yoga, and cross-country skiing.

But what will work for me? During the warmer seasons, I walk with my kids in the stroller a couple times a week, but that's out during the winter too. I could join a gym, but with preschool tuition new this year, I just can't justify the expense. I used to do Jazzercise before becoming pregnant with my youngest, but the expense holds me back on this one too. I do a mommy-child swimming lesson with my daughter once a week, but that's not really a workout (great soak for my sore muscles though!). Of course, I do have those old workout tapes from college...

OK, I have more than just those old VHS tapes from college! Don't worry, my Tae Bo days are past me! I do have more recently produced exercise DVD's, several aerobic workouts, a couple that focus on strengthening the core and more strength training, as well as a yoga workout. So I'm trying to get outside for a long run on the weekends so my hubby is home with the kids, but it's actually light outside, a short run or two on the treadmill during the week, and an exercise DVD a couple times a week. It's still early in the winter, but I have high hopes for keeping up on my fitness. I want to do a 10k next spring or summer, I'm going to have to stay in shape to reach that goal!

What do you do to cross train? Do you cross train regularly, or are you more of a seasonal cross trainer like me?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paperwork to Footwork

I was cleaning out the pile of paper by the mail this past week and ran across the training plan my sister made me for my first mini “try”athalon this past summer.  It was fun to read through the quotes she wrote on it for me, and see my check marks as I went through weeks of training.

Before recycling the paper, I decided to scan it into the computer so I’d have it as a reference.  It's so easy to discount what I've have accomplished as "easy”, forgetting all the work it took to get there.  Why is that?  There has to be a term for that feeling, that because YOU can do it, it must be easy...but that is so far from the truth.  There were months of practice and effort to arrive at the morning of the race, or just the regular Thursday night run.

I'm going to try to always keep my training lists, because it is good for me to remember what it took to get through a 3K, or through a mini-triathalon.  It is easier to recognize the effort if I can see the weeks of training.  For each event, I know the initial apprehension and ultimate pride are the same, even if the distances are different. 

Right now, I have a ½ marathon training plan up as a way to add mileage without hurting myself.  I'm in this place to feel better, not get stuck or end up in pain.   I don’t know if I’ll do a ½ marathon, but I do know it makes me proud to see that over the weeks I've increased distance on my own and with the Sole Sisters.   That training plan will be another one to scan in this spring.  (Shout out to Joyce: a Sole Sister who knows how to set a limit and stick with it, you make it easier for me to do that for myself.  Thank you!)

Start where YOU are and have a good week of fitness;  walking, running or otherwise!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

20th Beer and Bagel Run Recap

My husband and I recently had a date morning at a local trail run. We had a fantastic time together, we crossed a creek three times, covered a little over 4 miles and enjoyed refreshing adult beverages after our trail jaunt. Overall, it was a great event and date!

I had never run 'off road' before but I knew it was something my husband would love. Well, I also knew he would be partial to the promise of chili, bagels and beer post-run. I even liked the creek crossings, I also liked that runners who were not interested in forging the creek could cross makeshift bridges. The course was challenging in that there were quite a few decent hills, but it was not insane. After all, there were some nice down hills too!

This was my first time doing this race but it was the 20th annual time this race was held. It probably doesn't need to be said, but this race was really, really well done. I heard that the course was different this year to alleviate congestion. Email communication was fantastic and everything went as it was described. The price was good too ($35), the shirts are long-sleeved and bright (they ran big size-wise, but the race organizer is offering a limited exchange) and the volunteers and staff were fantastic.

David and I had a very modest goal of finishing in under an hour. I knew that I would want to walk the uphills. Also, David is not a runner so I didn't expect him to be interested in running 4 miles (followed by working a full 12 hours at work that night). We set off at a leisurely pace and enjoyed the atmosphere and the scenery. We beat our time goal and it must be said that I beat David. Well, by a second and I kind of took off for the finish line at a rapid pace without warning him. Truthfully, I thought he was further behind me when someone from the crowd shouted out at me, "he is gaining on you!". I checked over my shoulder and sure enough he was tying to beat me! It made for a fun finish and David was delighted to learn the meaning of the expression 'getting chick'd'.

There are many aspects of races/runs that I really enjoy. One is the overall atmosphere, people watching is fantastic. You never know what you will see or hear. I also like how encouraging spectators and other runners are. It is such a fun experience, even for someone like me who never really pushes for speed. I have come to the realization that if I finish strong, I feel like my whole run was strong. It works for me. Maybe one day I will want to leave it all out on the pavement, but for now it is enough to be out there running more than racing!

Post-race photo of the faster and slower runner in my marriage. ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Signing up for 2013

I'm signed up for two runs next year already!  Does taking advantage of early registration discounts for races that are 6 months to a year away make me a cheapskate or a dedicated runner?  I am looking forward to the Warrior Dash in June '13 as well as my first 10k (as well as it being my first destination race...Omaha doesn't count!) next August!

I'm a weenie when it comes to cold, so I've been taking advantage of our Y membership lately.  This means running on a treadmill, but this time around I'm careful with my speed so I can save my knees.  The first time I tried the Couch to 5k workout, my knees gave out on me and I quit running for 6 months.  Now I know my limits--run slow and easy.  I would rather run a good solid 2 miles in the time I have available to me while the kids are child watch than kill myself to go faster and farther.

I started running back in June, but I had my first "wow, I might be a runner" moment last Monday when I was run run running in place on the treadmill and it felt so good that I almost forgot to pick up my son from swim lessons!  I really wanted so badly to keep going and see how far my legs could take me.

Finally found the time to finish Train Like a Mother by Dimity and Sarah of Another Mother Runner fame.  I loved how personal it was and that they included quotes from other Mother Runners.  And their training plans sound excellent!  Easy to follow and very doable!  I've copied the 5k and 10k ones and stuck them next to my bed so I can remember what I'm training for.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Simple Trends Headband winner selected #2... Congrats to Brooke! Send me an email at MOckander {at}yahoo {dot} com with your mailing address and ill send your headband to you!!

Holy SHI*

Yes, that four-letter word has been giving me grief lately. SHIN... Well  lets just make that plural, shall we? My shins have been aching and giving me grief for about two months now. That's about when my weekly mileage was upwards of 15/week. Then, I did 13.5 in two days as part of my Running binge and nothing has been the same since. My weekly mileage has been maybe 3, maybe. I did 2.4 the other day and actually felt great during the run and yesterday was feeling fine. Today, the pain is back. It's hard to sit by, legs twitching for a chance to pound and glide, moments of solitude and, yes, I'll say it, peace. The last two weeks while I've been resting I've actually been more tired, more grouchy, more anxious. My body wants to be free, my mind wants a chance to linger. Yet, these darn SHI*s are halting those longings, making them even more desirable.

I jealously stare at runners while I'm driving to do my errands.

I covet the mileage of my fellow Sole Sisters.

I feel pangs of  envy when I see photos of others enjoying runs, finishing races, smiling and sweaty.

I miss it! I feel crazy for even saying that, it's just running.... Oh, but it is so much more to me now! A trip to the ole Doctor just might be in store. I have avoided it long enough, I think.

How do you deal with running injuries? Give me some hope!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Bare Your Sole Event

To celebrate World Run Day on November 11th, the Sole Sisters will be hosting the first ever Bare Your Sole Run. The Bare Your Sole Run is a 1 mile barefoot optional run to benefit Elliott Elementary School, Lincoln, Ne. Entry fee to this event is a pair of new or gently used shoes.

Elliott Elementary is located in the heart of Lincoln. 91% of students are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch. As a way to help some of the children who are sent to school without shoes to protect their feet, the Sole Sisters are hosting the Bare Your Sole Run. As mothers and runners, we all know that every single person has to start somewhere. We are hoping that as a community we can help more kids get to the starting line and be ready to run! 

Please consider joining us on this day at Trago Park in Lincoln at 3:30 pm by offering your "entry fee" of a pair of new or gently used children shoes. This will be a very family-friendly fun event! Post-race refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there!

For more info you can visit us on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I skipped all forms of working out last week. I had a crazy busy first half of the week and came down with some sort of cough/throat issue at the same time. It is funny how skipping something that you want to do, even when you know it is the right thing to do, can make you feel guilty. However, exhaustion over ruled my feelings of guilt and I napped more last week than I did when my oldest was a newborn.

When Monday rolled around, I felt much better and was no longer having insane coughing fits so I figured I was set to hop back into running. I did 5 s-l-o-w miles on Monday and was sore from my efforts. I stuck to my plan (I am running 3,5,7 miles this week, not in that order though) and did 3 miles at my usual pace (still slow for most though!) on Tuesday. I am super happy to feel back on track!

While it is great to be running after a short break I read something on one of my favorite running blogs that really resonated with me. Janae was reflecting back on this book, Kristin Armstrong’s book ‘Mile Markers’. I love the idea of running while focusing on gratitude. I always think of a friend's young family member with ALS. She was a runner before her symptoms made it impossible to walk much less run. I know most of us have a special someone in our thoughts and prayers to reflect on to remind us to be grateful for the ability and opportunity to run. If you have time, check out Janae's blog and read her thoughts on the topic too. It is a great idea to focus on!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Review: Simple Trends Headbands

Three Sole Sisters give their bangs and flyaways the ole Heave Ho!

I decided to put my Simple trends headband to the ultimate test.  One week before my big run I cut my hair in a cute little short style with many different layers.  Soon after looking at myself in the mirror I thought "how am I going to put my hair back to run?"  Well, I found my answer.  A simple trends headband.  I LOVE IT!  The first time I wore it was for a half marathon and it stayed put all 13.1 miles.  The second time I wore it was for another half marathon the next day ( yes I am a little crazy!). It stayed put all 13.1 miles the second day, too!  It helped keep the sweat out of my eyes and, best of all, everyone could pick me out while running with my green and blue leopard print headband.  I think it will now be my signature look, thanks Simple Trends!


I have mommy hair.
Any woman who has had children knows what I'm talking about. It is a full year after my postpartum hair loss and new hair growth started when my youngest was about 4 months old, and I am rocking the "mommy halo," lots of short strands of hair right around my hairline that don't lay properly and are too short to be pulled back in a ponytail. It's not usually something that bothers me about my body post-children, but right now, these short hairs are at a perfect length to tickle my nose and get in my eyes anytime there is a slight breeze. Not fun while trying to run.
So when I got the opportunity to try out a Simple-Trends headband, I was excited! I've tried running wearing those thin elastic headbands you can find at every drugstore, and they just would slip off of my head and distract me from the workout instead of keep my hair out of my face like I wanted. The Simple-Trends headband, on the other hand, actually stayed put! I wore it for the first time for a run in a 5k race, and after making sure it was spread out over my forehead and the top of my hair, it didn't move at all! This picture is me after the race, and I promise, I didn't touch it or readjust it at all! I found the headband comfortable, not too tight, but not so loose it doesn't stay on, and don't I look cute? ;-)

Simple Trends sent us several headbands to try. As I reached into the bag to select one, I was impressed by the silky feel and the vibrant colors. I chose a tie-dye rainbow one. (Megan - did they say which patterns they sent? I didn't see a pic of mine on the website but many are sold out.) First I tried it out during my treadmill run at the gym. My kids immediately noticed it when they got in the car: "Cool headband, Mom! I like the colors!" I felt more presentable at the gym and was glad I had a headband to disguise my sweaty and unwashed hair when I stopped by a friend's house post-workout. The next test was my long run of the week, which I usually do outdoors. The headband stayed in place and I was thankful for the extra fabric to pull over my ears as I ran along the highway in a stiff breeze. It kept my bangs from blowing all over, a big pet peeve of mine on windy runs. The headband can be rolled up to be thinner or pulled down to be wider, and it is definitely versatile and fashion-forward enough to be worn anywhere.

These are super soft, super comfy and made by a MOM and a RUNNER! Her customer service is superp and her fabric choices are so cute!

Visit the website here!

Want to win your own headband? There is a hot pink with black scull headband up for grabs- it is HARDCORE just like you are! Contest will end Friday at 9pm and the winner will be chosen by

To enter simply leave a separate comment for the following:

1. Visit Simple Trends and tell us your favorite fabric
2. Share this blog post (and please give us the link in your comment!)
4. Follow the Sole Sisters Blog 

Best of luck!!

The Vintage Pearl Necklace Giveaway Winner

And the winner is...
Sandra M. #225

Sandra, please contact me at teacher_jenc at yahoo dot com so I can get your lovely necklace to you!

And thanks to everyone who entered. This was our largest number of entries yet! Keep sharing and reading the blog. You never know what may come up next!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

True Random Number Generator

Congrats Jessica Gentert!!! Send me an email at mockander {at} yahoo {dot} com and I'll set you up with your shirt! Congrats Sole Sister! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Double Half Mary

I have had the dates of October 13 and 14th on my calendar for awhile.  I signed up many months ago to do something I even thought was crazy.  The price was going to increase the next day and every time I saw a post about this race I felt this little pull inside of me that wanted to do it.  I also had a very encouraging sole sister tell me she thought I should do it with her.  I was not sure I was ready for such a task.  My fellow sole sister had run a full marathon and I had not.  I had run two half marathons and was signing up for something that would double that to 4 not to mention they were back to back.  My husband thought I was crazy he was pretty sure I was going to hurt myself.  I still decided to sign up and train for it.  My plan was to run long runs back to back that did not really happen like I planned.  I did follow my 1/2 marathon training plan pretty well and felt like I was prepared to run a good 1/2 marathon----BUT  I had to run two 1/2 marathons!
before day one
 Saturday morning I picked up my sole sister and two of her running friends and we headed to a small town North of us.  I felt really good, I had gotten a good night sleep, I had drank lots of water all week, I was ready.  I ran and felt great, I felt like it was an easy peasy run and I enjoyed it.  I felt like I could have run faster and that is what I wanted.  I keep saying don't push too hard you have to do this tomorrow. I was shocked when I saw my time was 2:18:26 my PR from the Lincoln Half in May was 2:18:04 so for me that was amazing! I went home and tried an ice bath but quickly got out.  Those are so hard for me to do.  I sit in my swimming suit and have the girls dump cups of ice on me, they love it but I could not stand it.  I needed a warm shower.   I even went to a friend's daughter birthday party Saturday night and felt good.  I was a little stiff but went to bed early and woke up ready to do it all again.  OK not really, I was stiff and sore.  Sunday I started running slower to stretch out and then felt really good until mile 11.  In my head I was so excited only 2 more miles but my body was not as excited.  My body was like what are you doing?  You ran 13 miles yesterday wasn't that enough.  My legs felt heavy and I got really stiff.  I still ran, I did not walk.  I am sure I looked like I was running in slow motion but I was running.
running to the finish

I got close enough that I could see the last street before the finish line and I felt really emotional, I took a deep breath and said I am going to do this thing.  I almost burst into tears of joy but I quickly turned that off and told myself to finish first.  I even had a good kick at the end.  Crazy running 26.2 miles and still able to turn in on at the end, I always wonder were that comes from.  Most likely joy at seeing the finish. I was 6 minutes slower on Sunday but I did it!  I ran two half marathons back to back.  I did something that when I signed up for it, I was not sure I could do.  I was pretty sore on Sunday but was feeling better Monday and today, Wednesday, I feel great and like I could go for a run.  I don't think I will though, I think I will rest, I deserve it, I earned it and my body will thank me. This run gave me the courage to maybe, just maybe, attempt the FULL in May in my hometown.  We shall see but for now I am resting and enjoy looking at my cool medal that stands for so much more than what I did on those two days.

WE DID IT!  two half marathons in two days and we are sill smiling and standing upright!

Pumpkin Run

As I have transformed into a runner and "running advocate", what has become exciting for me, is watching my children become excited about running and fitness! They want to run with me and are super stoked when I sign them up for races just for them! One mile seems so huge to them, an enormous goal and challenge to overcome and I am totally inspired by their will and determination to cross the finish line.

My second son asked that I run with him this past weekend for our town's annual Pumpkin Run and what he said to me at the starting line melted me. He looked at me with sweet eyes, grabbed my hand tightly and said "Mom, I"m a little scared, but I"m going to run anyways." Ah, bless you, my child.

My oldest ran his little heart out, but he also stopped when a classmate of his became tired and needed  to walked. He walked with her and even encouraged her across the finish line. My second son ran 3/4 of a mile gripping my hand with all of his might. When his sister spotted us, she dashed under the course flags to join us. I let go and told him to run on his own and that kid sprinted the last 1/4 mile while I jogged/ran with my oldest daughter who was so proud!

It was a fantastic run and such a fun experience for all of us! I'm so proud of them! I made my boys pumpkin medals when we got home and they wore them proudly the rest of the day!

First Graders

K anticipates the starting gun

Crossing the finish line

E and I take off

Moments before little sister runs to us

Look at that form!

Running with H

We did it!

Medals for the finishers

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hey Sister, Sole Sister

Have you heard of Dimity and Sarah from Another Mother Runner? These ladies are the authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother. They also blog, run marathons, and do free podcasts through iTunes! You will laugh, be motivated, encouraged and learn that no matter what, you are not alone in this running gig.

In their store they have a Sole Sister Tank Top and they want to give one away- for free!- to a luck blog reader! In addition, you can enter the code SSDiscount in the notes section when you order and the ladies will rebate $7 off your tank top order! This code is good until this Friday! 

Want to win a free tank? Comment below with your favorite item from their store, or your favorite tidbit you learned from one of their books! You can earn additional entries by doing one or more of the following, leaving a separate comment for each:

1. Follow Our Sole Sister blog!
2. Follow Sole Sisers on Facebook
3. Follow Another Mother Runner on Facebook
4. Add yourself to the Mother Runner Tribe
5. Share this blog post and giveaway on Facebook!

These ladies were kind enough to send our friend Carrie a Sole Sister tank after her brain tumor was removed. Thank you so much, for loving on our Sole Sister!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Vintage Pearl Necklace: A GIVEAWAY!

I was given the opportunity to wear and review a hand stamped necklace from The Vintage Pearl.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to wearing necklaces because they tend to give me a headache depending on how the necklace lays and pulls on the back of my neck. I am happy to announce that I now have four necklaces that I can wear headache-free!  This one is not heavy so it does not pull! I've worn this for several days and many people have commented positively on it! It also comes with a polish pad to help keep it looking new. If you have children like mine who like to look at and and gently touch your necklace, it comes in very handy! I plan to order another necklace from her store as a gift this Christmas.

Now, I have some more good news! The Vintage Pearl has given us a necklace just like this one to give away to one of you! I'm using Rafflecopter for this giveaway. The first entry is mandatory if you'd like to be included in the giveaway.  It starts today, October 15 and closes on October 22 at 12:01 AM EST. One winner will be chosen and announced here on the blog. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway