Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Own it

In talking with my Sole Sisters lately I have noticed one thing. Some of us are selling ourselves short!  I will include myself in this group.  I have been known to say when asked if I ran a marathon, no I "only" did the 1/2.  Well the half marathon is still 13.1 hard miles.

  Many of us feel like we need to say I  run 10 minute, 11 minute, 12 minute miles, or that we run slower,  we still all run the same miles.  We put in the work, we make time for ourselves and we do something that makes us stronger women and better moms and friends.  So I say to you fellow Sole Sisters ---Own it!  You are all wonderful beautiful strong women and I love being a part of this wonderful group.

I challenge you to leave a comment about something great you have done lately, it can be running related or it can be anything that you are proud of.

Mine is- I ran last night when it was starting to get darker, I had no GPS, I had no music, I did not even have my normal running attire on.  My husband came home and I just put my shoes on and went out the door, and I felt like I was flying.  It was  2 1/2 miles and it was not on any schedule or part of any plan.  I just went out running just to run :)

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EricAndErica said...

I so agree! We all need a little more faith in ourselve and pride in what we've accomplished. I think sometimes we look at others or look ahead to our goals and forget where we started out. EVen in my long runs, the first 2 miles are the hardest.

I'm proud of myself for getting just one run in this week. With a grumpy toddler & no energy, that one run (which did not go well) showed me that I still had some motivation left in me!