Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road ID- Julie's Story

I know this is a blog about running, however I am here to share my experience with you about a wonderful product from Road ID.  This product will put parents’ minds at ease when a child runs off in a crowded place.  Ever have that happen?  Ever worry about the possibility of that happening?  Whether it is at your local grocery store, an amusement park, or a crowded baseball stadium…you turn your back for a second and your child can vanish. 

That happened to me. 

We were in a group of 8 adults and several kids at a minor league baseball game.  No one saw our little 2 year old boy run off.  Our little 2 year old who couldn’t talk.  The game was coming to a close.  The lights were about to go off for a fireworks show.  The stands would soon be filled with people trying to leave the ball stadium.  My little boy was missing.  He was gone.  There were so many people, how would anyone know if he was truly missing.  You can read the full details of this frightful night over at my personal blog: Gigglesandgumballs

After this horrific event, my husband and I started talking about some steps that we could take if this ever happened again.  We tend to go to a lot of crowded places with our four kiddos, so we needed something fast. 

Road ID was the solution. 

The next week we ordered Road ID slim wrist bands for each of our kids.  You can have the company engrave up to 5 lines on a little plate that is attached to the rubber band.  We included our children’s names, our cell phones, and city on ours.  You can include up to 5 lines.  They are very comfortable to wear and our kids don’t mind a bit.

Road ID is not only for children.  They offer a variety of products including adult ID wrist bands, different reflective products for runners and cyclists, and sports apparel. 

My husband is an avid biker and has been in several road collisions.  He now wears a Road ID bracelet in case he gets into a serious accident and can’t talk. 

Another nice feature of the bands is that you can list if you have any allergies or medical conditions.  If you are unable to speak, medical personal will have a better idea of how to proceed. 

For more information about what Road ID has to offer, head on over to their website at:

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