Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Fuel Up With Color Story

This past Saturday, I also participated in the Fuel Up With Color kids 1 mile fun run with my little boy. Ever since I started this journey back into running in April 2012, and especially since my first race in June, he has wanted to "race with mommy." So on September 8th, he finally got his chance! I didn't know what to expect from him, but I was determined not to carry him at all. We walk around the neighborhood quite a bit, so I knew he could handle that much at least. Well, he surprised me! We ran the whole first quarter mile up to the first physical challenge station (weaving through cones)! After that, we walked and ran the next half mile and decided that we would run the whole way left when he could see the finish line. He saw it before I did, and he took off! We ran through the final station (sprayed with water guns!), past Grandma R, Grandpa A, and Daddy, and zoomed past the finish line to hug Grandma D and little sister! He loved it!

After the race, we asked him what his favorite parts were, and he said the water guns and beating me! We finished with a 15:30 pace and enjoyed our post-race snacks. It was a perfect first race for my son's foray into, I hope, a lifetime of physical fitness.

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