Sunday, September 16, 2012

Running with my Sisters

So Saturday I did a mud run with my Sisters.  My real flesh and blood sisters.  We did a Mud Run.  It was a fun time.  Neither of my sisters run as much as I do, if at all.  They are both in great shape because they do all sorts of boot-camps, yoga, weight lifting you name it .  It was super crowded so it would have been impossible to run the whole thing even if we wanted to.  This was all for fun as it was not timed.  It was pretty hilly and the obstacles were challenging but fun.  We then got to this creek of mud.  It was about 1/2 mile of wading through mud up to your waist, at the deepest.  People's shoes were getting stuck, people were falling, everyone was helping each other.  It took forever to get through but we made it, I will admit I was glad to get out of the mud.  My youngest sister had just asked before that part "Where is the mud?"  Well she got what she asked for!  It was a fun time and I was happy to spend a day with my sisters and get to pretend we are kids again.  I am pretty lucky to have then both live in the same town as well as my younger brother.  Family is very important to me and having fun and getting dirty with your sisters is a great way to spend time together.


The Mussertons said...

How awesome! I love your shirts! :)

Megan said...

So much fun and again, a great example set for your little ones! Family & fitness! Way to go Meghan!