Friday, September 21, 2012

From an Enthusiastic Sole Sister, but Reluctant Blogger

I've been reluctant because I'm not sure that I have anything incredible to say.  Somehow it is easy and natural to share my heart in person, but more difficult typed out on a page.   However, I have so enjoyed what others have written, so here goes.

Here's what I was thinking of yesterday on my run. "Practice, practice."  If I can just do a little bit each week, I make progress in overall fitness, in overall health and in overall life.

I learned a lesson in all of those things after study abroad, I came home with my jeans tight and my mind foggy, it was a good lesson to learn young;  fitness is a choice.  I love the poster that says, "Heavy is hard, Exercise is hard, Diet is hard.  Choose your hard."  For me, exercise starts a series of positive chain reactions; I exercise, so I feel better, so my day goes better, so I eat better, etc, etc.

Yesterday was a long day, but a good day with my boys until about an hour before my husband got home, there were temper tantrums and communication breakdowns that were ugly.  Everyone was hungry, but apparently the dinner I made was disgusting.  Who knew?  Why didn't someone tell the cookbook that the recipe I followed was unfit to eat??  We made it through and I recovered really well as The Mom, didn't lose it for long and got us back on track with the evening-with buttered toast for dinner, but whatever works-I had to let go of a lot of things when I had two boys under 2 years. (Not bragging-read that as a warning!)

I credit exercise with some of that, love and support with more of it, but I can tell that I am parenting better now than I was 6 months ago, stressful situations don't get me down for as long.   Is that related to the fact that I could tie up my shoes and go for a run/walk after the boys got up to bath with my husband?  Absolutely yes!


The Mussertons said...

I hadn't heard that saying before, but how true! Thanks for sharing, Lora! You definitely have words worth sharing!! I hope we get to run together soon! Well, I will be running after you, but maybe you could speak really loudly! ;)

Meghan said...

Love this Lora! Keep on sharing and love running with you so are always so positive :)

Angela O said...

Well said, Lora! I love your positive attitude!

Katherine (Aurora Spitfire) said...

Look what I tracked down!! Lora, you're the best, and you're one of my go-to mommies when I have a bad day. Like the other ladies said, you're so positive! Love you!! :) Oh, and if you want to run to Michigan we'd welcome it! ;-)