Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lacing Your Shoes

My feet have changed a bit since having babies, along with other things, but my old comfy shoes just didn't seem to fit right and were no longer so comfy. I figured it was just time to get a new pair and headed out for some cross-trainers a while back. After trying on several pairs, I finally settled on one and had to order them since all they had left in my size was the display. I have had a love/hate relationship with them since. If I get the toe part tight enough so my foot stays put, the top is too tight. So, I loosen the top and it works itself loose again at the bottom and my foot is moving too much in the shoe. I remembered doing "fancy" laces in elementary school and wondered if there was a way to lace them differently for running. Remember, I'm just getting into this whole things as running for a purpose and not because I'm being chased or playing with the kids, so I had no clue about all the different information out there. I actually came across a couple different sites that have information on this! If you are like me, these will help you figure out a way to lace your shoes to keep your feet from sliding around. I now can do cross-training videos and not have aching feet and legs!

How to Properly Tie Your Shoes - Runner's World



Megan said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this! I never even considered changing how I lace my shoes- doh! I have an incredibly wide foot and my right middle toe ALWAYS goes numb after about 2-2.5 miles of running and some days, I quit because of it. maybe this will help!

Jenni said...

I hope it helps! At first I wasn't going to write a post on this. But then I figured there are quite a few of us who are beginning to pick it up and maybe even some readers who are starting out that this could save some money in the shoe department! It just saved me some money because I thought it was my shoe! Well, it is, but I've fixed it for now. :)