Thursday, September 13, 2012

A New Plan

Last Monday night I definitely was not looking forward to my run Tuesday morning and had two excuses lingering in my brain. I planned to skip a week and do Week 3 Day 1 for C25K and I was up late Monday night. I was in that state of sleep where you're semi-aware of what's going on but not quite fully conscious when I heard our daughter wake up, jump out of bed, and climb in on top of me. Yep, another bad dream. Somewhere along the way she learned that monsters can be scary and mean, and that darn black moose keeps roaring at her. She is a snuggler and I know once she settles her body down and is as close to crawling back inside me as she can, there's no moving her back to her bed - she is truly scared. I will not trade the loss of sleep for these few times because I know they won't last. So when the alarm went off, interrupting a wakeful sleep, I thought I hit snooze. Not so much. We all woke up about 30 minutes before we needed to leave for preschool, which is doable but I feared how it would influence dropping her off. I got a quick breakfast for the two littles and really wanted to put on my regular clothes for the day. My husband had already dressed for a run since he was home and I knew it was mostly to motivate and support me. Plus, this is a great opportunity for our son to practice his bike skills sans training wheels and ride on the trails. So I put on my running clothes, got everyone and a bike loaded up and left.

After preschool drop off, we headed for a trail deciding our first goal is to go a different route each time. I also decided to skip the podcast for W3D1 and just run. Find a rhythm and go. We ended up running/walking/biking about 2.5 miles and only had two bike incidents! I realized after I got to my turn around destination that I hadn't quite thought that route through before setting out and I don't use any GPS tracking things (we're pretty low-tech here). It was a little farther than I intended to go and by no means did I run the entire way. I did run longer intervals than last week just listening to music and once my lungs finally found their rhythm about 2/3 of the way back, my legs deiced they were done and I had to walk a bit more than I wanted. But we did it! And although the runner's high has faded and the fatigue and soreness are setting in, I'm glad we did it.


Angela O said...

Do you track your runs/walks on any site? is pretty awesome for it. You don't have to have a smart phone (though it is very nice to have it automatically track and upload info for you!) to use it. You can manually plot your course on there and put in the time you took to do your run and it will give you an approximate min/mi, calories burned, and distance traveled! I love it!

Jenni said...

I've been using MapMyRun and plotting my points for each time. I haven't kept a running total, but it seems like it would be another good motivational tool to see the distances add up! I'll go check out Runkeeper, too!