Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Restart

Well, I set out this morning for my restart after dropping off our daughter for preschool. I gotta admit, it felt great to have my running shoes on! I wear sandals/flip flops 95% of my life so even just enjoying the feeling under my toes and how light they were was a surprise! I had my son's bike in the car already and convinced my husband to go along with us since he was home and did Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K - 60 second run/90 second walk. Like I said earlier, our son has just begun mastering his biking skills with no training wheels so I knew there would be distractions; helping him get started again, brushing him off a few times, and talking him through slowing down for the declines. (Makes me thankful I grew up in the country where it was pretty flat!) Since my husband was along he helped our son get started again when he happened to stop in the middle of a running interval. Maybe the key for me is having multiple distractions? A young biker, a husband/friend, an ear bud in one ear telling me when to run/walk, and other trail users (so I focused on keeping our son on the right side and not crashing into them!) to distract me from anticipating when my next "rest" would be. This run was so much better than my initial run the first time around! My finishing thought was, "Wow, that was almost easy. Almost!" I'm optimistically cautious as to what the next couple runs will feel like. If When I get past Week 5 Day 3, I have hope that I'll be okay. I also have a feeling I will be calling on some running buddies to get me through the "long" runs.


Megan said...

Call me! Call me! I have a single jogging stroller now so Evelyn and I can join you while the others are in school! Great job today! I'm happy for you!

Jenni said...

Yes! I will call you as long as you're okay with a young biker and slowing down your lightning speed pace! ;)

Team S said...

Good job getting back out there! Sometime we should do a neighborhood run - I love your street!