Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fuel up with Color Run

Yesterday the girls and I went to a local run.  It was called the Fuel Up with Color Run.  It was promoting healthy eating and exercise.  Since I am an active mom myself these are important issue to me and my family. I think my job as a mom is to make this fun.  I want my kids to always stay active and enjoy it.  My oldest daughter enjoys swimming and right before the race she said " Mom this body was not made for running, it was made for swimming."  I laughed and said well thanks for trying this event.  One of my twins ran off fast and my oldest could hardly keep up with her.  The other twin just ran at her own pace she ran the whole way and the bikes to bring up the end were right behind us.  The thing is we all had fun, we all ran a mile and did it together.   I love participating in events like this with my kids and hope to find more opportunities to do so.

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The Mussertons said...

My favorite races have been the ones where my girls ran too! What a great experience for the whole family! :)