Friday, November 9, 2012

NUUN: A review

Three of our Sole Sisters were given the chance to review NUUN!

I gave my Tri-Berry Nuun a test drive on a 7-mile long run. I almost always bring along some sort of nutrition for long runs in addition to my water.  The tube of Nuun just fit in my Amphipod handheld water bottle pouch along with my key, so that was convenient, especially if it were to be a longer run when I’d need additional tabs for extra hydration/nutrition. The bottle indicates one tab per 16 oz. of water; however, I thought a full tab tasted fine in my 12 oz. bottle. The tabs do have an indented line down the middle that makes it easy to break in half if a full tab is too much for your size water bottle or you want to share with a running buddy.
I added the tab to my water bottle at the halfway point in my run…easy and convenient; working a lot like Alka-seltzer, and it was ready to drink quickly.  I liked the idea that it gave me a little extra boost and some tasty hydration for only 6 calories compared to the nutrition I often take. Honestly though, I don’t love the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners and it made me a little burp-y during the last half of my run because of the slight carbonation. I did feel good after my run. It didn’t bother my stomach after my run like many other products I’ve consumed on long runs.

I've always been fond of water for hydrating, but I thought, "what if I could MORE out of my water?" So I tried a sample of Citrus Fruit Nuun.
The first time I tried it was after a cool evening run. The best thing about it is it comes in tablet form--no packets to rip open and spill! I dropped a tablet in my Nalgene and "plop plop fizz fizz..." 2 minutes later, I had my fizzy water. I don't run far so I don't carry water with me. When I get home, I hydrate like crazy, so naturally I chugged the whole 16oz. The taste was great, however the fizz didn't really sit well with my tummy. I was burping like crazy and actually had some mild reflux.
The next tablet I tried BEFORE my run. Again, nice taste, but I still wasn't too keen on the fizz. Did a lot of burping while running, which wasn't pleasant.
Third time's a charm, right? Hydration while running! I went for a bit of a longer run (which for me is about 3 miles) so I brought a bottle of Nuun with me. I found out fizzy water does not taste great while running.
I even offered it to my kids because lately they've been drinking less water (something I take full responsibility for since I serve their meals), but they decided the fizz wasn't for them either.
I don't doubt that Nuun is great at helping a body hydrate. "Nuun’s special formulation of electrolytes helps increase the amount of water that’s absorbed into the blood stream." Since I don't drink liquids as often as I should (somehow I can't find the time to sit down with a glass of water or milk or anything unless I'm having a meal) I think Nuun would actually be good for me. Just not while I'm exercising! The price is pretty reasonable for a hydration product as well.

I love it in the evening with some fruit while watching a show. It has the right amount of bubbly and not too much flavor. (I don't like super flavorful juice drinks, sometimes I water mine down. If you like a burst of flavor, you'd probably want to use less water. I would buy it for the winter during cold season and the summer to stay hydrated in the heat. I wouldn’t want to drink it while running, but I enjoyed it almost any other time. I will definitely purchase this for myself again.

To see a list of products and nutritional information, visit NUUN's Website

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