Monday, December 3, 2012

P90X- Week1 DONE

Day 1: I literally yell "I hate you" at my computer screen while doing superman/banana rolls.

Day 2: So sore. And now you're going to make me do an hour of cardio....!!! BUT I DONT! Miracle.

Day 3: Sore. Tired. Baby up a lot last night. But, I do arms, chest and abs like a champ.

Day 4: Aleve is my new best friend. And Yoga. Lots of Yoga today.

Day 5: Legs, back and abs. These ab workouts are insane. Literally, crazy. My legs are shaking 2 hours after this workout, but I feel good.

Day 6: I actually don't get the KenpoX done. Kids wont give me a quiet moment and with football on, hubby isn't watching the kids while I do it, either. He did watch the kids while I went for a walk/run this morning. Nearly 3.5 miles with my Sole Sisters. It was a good day and a good way to shake out my sore muscles.

Day 7: Rest day. Thankful. I feel lighter already- weird? Not sure yet. I've also already had to change from 3lb weights to 5lbs! I'm a maniac!

83 more days to go!!!

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Angela O said...

You ARE a maniac! And I LOVE it!