Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disapointed Sole Sister

Well, it happened again. I signed up for a Half Marathon, but life insisted on other plans.

 I wonder if they'll miss me?  I wonder what happens to all the packets that don't get picked up? I wonder how many other runners have hearts full of disappointment knowing that this particular race isn't the race for them any longer?

I've signed up for 4 Half Marathons in the past, but have only ran one.  Think of the MONEY, the TRAINING, the COMMITMENT....lost.  Boo!

The first Half Marathon I ever signed up to run was in Dallas while I was living there. The week-end of the Half Marathon, my good friend miscarried at 23 weeks along.  Her husband was gone for months at a time & I was with her instead of running while she gave birth to an already passed baby boy. 

My second Half Marathon was a beautiful and very successful run in Lincoln, NE!

I signed up for a third Half Marathon last year after having my son.  There were many obstacles to work around with training, but the biggest were finding time for me & my husband to train and a bad chest cold that lasted over a month.  Looking back I have regrets about that Half and wish I would have been more assertive with my training runs & continued on after my cold.

The disappointment I felt in myself after not pushing myself is what lead me to scour the internet looking for a Fall Half Marathon I could run.  I planned one out for KC and even invited another couple to join me!  My hubbie also signed up but said my training would be top priority over the next few months.  Training was going great & I was running the fastest & feeling the best I've ever felt running!  Then, 3 weeks ago to the day, I hurt my pubic bone.  BOOM. No running.  Couldn't even walk for days.  Today I did a trial 1 mile since the Half is next week and realized it's not happening.  My body will not allow for it.  What a disappointment. 

I have a 25% completion rate on my Half Marathons.  I'm thinking it's going to take a lot of future Half Marathons to start working that number back up where it should be!


Meghan said...

Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon!!

Angela O said...

I'm so sorry, Erica! What a downer to not be able to run as you had planned. But health and friendship come first! I have no doubt you'll be able to run a 1/2 next year--hey, sign up for the Women Rock 1/2 and run with Mel and me (well, Ill be doing the 10k but you know what I mean ;D)! (