Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Raw Revolution Bars

"Raw, living foods are clean, and have higher nutrient content than cooked food. Processed foods such as protein isolates and grain based fillers are acidic and cause fermentation in the body. Raw Organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology."-

RawRevolution Bars kindly sent us some samples.   Responses varied depending on the flavor and the consumer.

"I ate mine before a run and it seemed to work and give a little boost of energy.  I like the small size and thought they tasted ok" - Meghan
“I liked the simple ingredients and found a great energy boost pre or post run with enough protein to prevent a sugar crash.” –Joyce

“I really like the taste of the snacks, not too sweet.  I didn’t notice if they gave me any extra energy eaten post workout.” - Michelle

Two Sole Sisters weren't so sure:
Melaney tasted it, but it took her back to having to be on a special diet and she opted out.    Lora found the Spirulina Dream bar tasty, but with a funky color. 
Erica put it well.  “Don’t be deceived by looks. Although this little bar of energy looks disgusting, it actually tasted pretty good and was a lot of calories packed in a little bar. I love that it's organic & would definitely consider buying these for long distance training.”
Overall, Sole Sisters thought they were a winner.   If you are put off by the color or texture, give it a chance, the flavor is good and they can add a raw burst of energy to your day.

The Story of how RawRev bars got started is inspiring to us, as well! We applaud her for her determination to make food (and life!) better for her son!

"As a Registered Nurse and Natural Foods Chef I’ve developed a passion for preparing and eating raw foods. When I made raw snacks for my son as an alternative to high sugar processed snacks, friends also loved the taste and suggested selling them. That seemed impossible. As a single mother of an active two year-old, working full time, how would I start a business? Well, I found time to develop the Brownie, tested them out and got great response. Even the average person, not just a health food nut, loved the taste.!"

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