Monday, December 17, 2012

Goal... Interrupted

So I really really wanted to run the Full marathon in May.  It was a Goal.  I was doing so well.  Then I got hurt.  I am really way more hurt than I let on.  I ended up going to the doctor.   I had to find a new doctor just to go to one.  So I had not been to a Family doctor in a few years.  He referred me to Physical Therapy and I started that on Friday.  I told her my goals and that I had hoped to run a Full.  She figured out what was wrong with me and told me she has a plan to get me back running.  I have not even been able to run lately.  She said I can help you but I think if you run the full you will just be right back in here seeing me again after you are done.  The half is a reasonable goal and I can help you with that but the Full is not something I would recommend.  So I was disappointed and started thinking what should I do, should I listen to her, should I still try it?  I then walked out of the room we were in and everyone was talking about Sandy Hook Elementary.  I turned on the radio in my car, I then watched the news on the TV.  I cried and cried.  I hugged my little ones.  I gave Paige the biggest hug when I picked her up from school.

I felt silly for worrying about what race I would run.  The thing is I will be able to run a race again.  I want to be able to run 26 miles for the 26 victims at the school shooting but if I can't do that in May I will still do it.  My dream is not gone, my dream was just interrupted by a injury.  An injury I can work though and overcome.  In light of recent events what race I run on May 5th does not seem all that important.  My family and friends and spending time with them and telling them I love them is what I want to focus on now.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. 

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