Friday, October 26, 2012

Holy SHI*

Yes, that four-letter word has been giving me grief lately. SHIN... Well  lets just make that plural, shall we? My shins have been aching and giving me grief for about two months now. That's about when my weekly mileage was upwards of 15/week. Then, I did 13.5 in two days as part of my Running binge and nothing has been the same since. My weekly mileage has been maybe 3, maybe. I did 2.4 the other day and actually felt great during the run and yesterday was feeling fine. Today, the pain is back. It's hard to sit by, legs twitching for a chance to pound and glide, moments of solitude and, yes, I'll say it, peace. The last two weeks while I've been resting I've actually been more tired, more grouchy, more anxious. My body wants to be free, my mind wants a chance to linger. Yet, these darn SHI*s are halting those longings, making them even more desirable.

I jealously stare at runners while I'm driving to do my errands.

I covet the mileage of my fellow Sole Sisters.

I feel pangs of  envy when I see photos of others enjoying runs, finishing races, smiling and sweaty.

I miss it! I feel crazy for even saying that, it's just running.... Oh, but it is so much more to me now! A trip to the ole Doctor just might be in store. I have avoided it long enough, I think.

How do you deal with running injuries? Give me some hope!


Dax, Ian, and Jude said...

I obviously can't give you any hope because I feel the same way about my knee...I could've written your post! I think I'll be setting up a dr appt next week too...time for some PT! I keep telling myself, "If I can't run again, at least I went out with a bang!" My half marathon 2 weeks ago was the last I ran! :P Hang in there my friend! We'll be back! *fingers crossed* ~Becca

Meghan said...

Thinking of you. Right now I have a sore leg but can still run just need to watch it, so I know not the same. I took a whole week off after my double and it was a hard week. My kids were really crazy but I did not have a release to deal with everything like I had before. I understand that part. My advice is to do something, go for a walk, lift arm weights, meet a friend for coffee and to talk. I hope you feel better soon!

S Club Mama said...

It stinks to see others running when you can't (or read about their running) but just try to be supportive. Volunteer at a race if you can. And remember, it's not forever!