Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Signing up for 2013

I'm signed up for two runs next year already!  Does taking advantage of early registration discounts for races that are 6 months to a year away make me a cheapskate or a dedicated runner?  I am looking forward to the Warrior Dash in June '13 as well as my first 10k (as well as it being my first destination race...Omaha doesn't count!) next August!

I'm a weenie when it comes to cold, so I've been taking advantage of our Y membership lately.  This means running on a treadmill, but this time around I'm careful with my speed so I can save my knees.  The first time I tried the Couch to 5k workout, my knees gave out on me and I quit running for 6 months.  Now I know my limits--run slow and easy.  I would rather run a good solid 2 miles in the time I have available to me while the kids are child watch than kill myself to go faster and farther.

I started running back in June, but I had my first "wow, I might be a runner" moment last Monday when I was run run running in place on the treadmill and it felt so good that I almost forgot to pick up my son from swim lessons!  I really wanted so badly to keep going and see how far my legs could take me.

Finally found the time to finish Train Like a Mother by Dimity and Sarah of Another Mother Runner fame.  I loved how personal it was and that they included quotes from other Mother Runners.  And their training plans sound excellent!  Easy to follow and very doable!  I've copied the 5k and 10k ones and stuck them next to my bed so I can remember what I'm training for.

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The Mussertons said...

I am so looking forward to the August race, Angela! It will be a ton of fun! :)