Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Double Half Mary

I have had the dates of October 13 and 14th on my calendar for awhile.  I signed up many months ago to do something I even thought was crazy.  The price was going to increase the next day and every time I saw a post about this race I felt this little pull inside of me that wanted to do it.  I also had a very encouraging sole sister tell me she thought I should do it with her.  I was not sure I was ready for such a task.  My fellow sole sister had run a full marathon and I had not.  I had run two half marathons and was signing up for something that would double that to 4 not to mention they were back to back.  My husband thought I was crazy he was pretty sure I was going to hurt myself.  I still decided to sign up and train for it.  My plan was to run long runs back to back that did not really happen like I planned.  I did follow my 1/2 marathon training plan pretty well and felt like I was prepared to run a good 1/2 marathon----BUT  I had to run two 1/2 marathons!
before day one
 Saturday morning I picked up my sole sister and two of her running friends and we headed to a small town North of us.  I felt really good, I had gotten a good night sleep, I had drank lots of water all week, I was ready.  I ran and felt great, I felt like it was an easy peasy run and I enjoyed it.  I felt like I could have run faster and that is what I wanted.  I keep saying don't push too hard you have to do this tomorrow. I was shocked when I saw my time was 2:18:26 my PR from the Lincoln Half in May was 2:18:04 so for me that was amazing! I went home and tried an ice bath but quickly got out.  Those are so hard for me to do.  I sit in my swimming suit and have the girls dump cups of ice on me, they love it but I could not stand it.  I needed a warm shower.   I even went to a friend's daughter birthday party Saturday night and felt good.  I was a little stiff but went to bed early and woke up ready to do it all again.  OK not really, I was stiff and sore.  Sunday I started running slower to stretch out and then felt really good until mile 11.  In my head I was so excited only 2 more miles but my body was not as excited.  My body was like what are you doing?  You ran 13 miles yesterday wasn't that enough.  My legs felt heavy and I got really stiff.  I still ran, I did not walk.  I am sure I looked like I was running in slow motion but I was running.
running to the finish

I got close enough that I could see the last street before the finish line and I felt really emotional, I took a deep breath and said I am going to do this thing.  I almost burst into tears of joy but I quickly turned that off and told myself to finish first.  I even had a good kick at the end.  Crazy running 26.2 miles and still able to turn in on at the end, I always wonder were that comes from.  Most likely joy at seeing the finish. I was 6 minutes slower on Sunday but I did it!  I ran two half marathons back to back.  I did something that when I signed up for it, I was not sure I could do.  I was pretty sore on Sunday but was feeling better Monday and today, Wednesday, I feel great and like I could go for a run.  I don't think I will though, I think I will rest, I deserve it, I earned it and my body will thank me. This run gave me the courage to maybe, just maybe, attempt the FULL in May in my hometown.  We shall see but for now I am resting and enjoy looking at my cool medal that stands for so much more than what I did on those two days.

WE DID IT!  two half marathons in two days and we are sill smiling and standing upright!


Jenni said...

You ladies are awesome! Great job, and your second run was only 6 minutes different... that blows my mind. Amazing!

Michelle Mazour said...

You are amazing! This totally inspires me...maybe next year!

lincolnmommy said...
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S Club Mama said...

I am so jealous! I wanted to do this so badly!

Jaime said...

So very proud of your accomplishments for both of you!