Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Run

As I have transformed into a runner and "running advocate", what has become exciting for me, is watching my children become excited about running and fitness! They want to run with me and are super stoked when I sign them up for races just for them! One mile seems so huge to them, an enormous goal and challenge to overcome and I am totally inspired by their will and determination to cross the finish line.

My second son asked that I run with him this past weekend for our town's annual Pumpkin Run and what he said to me at the starting line melted me. He looked at me with sweet eyes, grabbed my hand tightly and said "Mom, I"m a little scared, but I"m going to run anyways." Ah, bless you, my child.

My oldest ran his little heart out, but he also stopped when a classmate of his became tired and needed  to walked. He walked with her and even encouraged her across the finish line. My second son ran 3/4 of a mile gripping my hand with all of his might. When his sister spotted us, she dashed under the course flags to join us. I let go and told him to run on his own and that kid sprinted the last 1/4 mile while I jogged/ran with my oldest daughter who was so proud!

It was a fantastic run and such a fun experience for all of us! I'm so proud of them! I made my boys pumpkin medals when we got home and they wore them proudly the rest of the day!

First Graders

K anticipates the starting gun

Crossing the finish line

E and I take off

Moments before little sister runs to us

Look at that form!

Running with H

We did it!

Medals for the finishers


Michelle Mazour said...

Love it!

Angela O said...

I love the medals!! And I love it when we run with our kids! We need to make this a regular thing!