Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Sorry for Myself

So I have been dealing with an injury here for over a month.  It really sucks!  I hate that I can't run when I want to run.  I hate that I have to stop not because I am tired or because I reached my goal but I have to stop because my leg hurts.  It seems that after about three miles my leg feels really heavy and almost gives out on me.  I thought I was doing better and then I pushed it too hard and now it hurts bad again. 

I am normally a very positive person.  I am the one who picks everyone else up when they are down.  I have been told I give great advice and I can be very motivating but what happened when I am the one who is down?  Well, I guess I start to feel sorry for myself. 

I have had plans to run the FULL marathon this year and now this injury seems to be messing up with my plans and I don't know what to do.  My husband claims the thing he loves the most about me and also annoys him the most is that once I get an idea in my head, I am doing it.  No stopping me I am going to do it.  BUT what if I physically can not do it?

I watched a video today that is posted on our Sole Sisters Facebook page ( check it out).  It was about a guy who was told he would not be able to run or walk without assistance and guess what?  He proved them wrong.  It really made me think,  why am I sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I am hurt.  I can work through this.  I can still reach my goals.  I can even still run a FULL marathon.  I have time on my side and any one who knows me knows I also have determination.  My goal for this year was to run a FULL marathon well this year also has 365 days in it.  If I can not do Lincoln ( which I have not given up on) there are plenty of other marathons and days and more time.

I am officially done feel sorry for myself and back to dreaming big, don't give up, never ever give up.


Angela O said...

Injuries suck! I'm finally experiencing my first one and I'm honestly surprised that I miss running. Can't wait to get back in to it!

Crosstraining has been getting my mind off of my hurt shins!

Megan said...

Its amazing how a running injury can have such an effect on everything else in your life! Cross training has given me new life, I hopeyou can find something to see you through as well! Your goal is inspiring as is your will and your newfound perspective.