Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paperwork to Footwork

I was cleaning out the pile of paper by the mail this past week and ran across the training plan my sister made me for my first mini “try”athalon this past summer.  It was fun to read through the quotes she wrote on it for me, and see my check marks as I went through weeks of training.

Before recycling the paper, I decided to scan it into the computer so I’d have it as a reference.  It's so easy to discount what I've have accomplished as "easy”, forgetting all the work it took to get there.  Why is that?  There has to be a term for that feeling, that because YOU can do it, it must be easy...but that is so far from the truth.  There were months of practice and effort to arrive at the morning of the race, or just the regular Thursday night run.

I'm going to try to always keep my training lists, because it is good for me to remember what it took to get through a 3K, or through a mini-triathalon.  It is easier to recognize the effort if I can see the weeks of training.  For each event, I know the initial apprehension and ultimate pride are the same, even if the distances are different. 

Right now, I have a ½ marathon training plan up as a way to add mileage without hurting myself.  I'm in this place to feel better, not get stuck or end up in pain.   I don’t know if I’ll do a ½ marathon, but I do know it makes me proud to see that over the weeks I've increased distance on my own and with the Sole Sisters.   That training plan will be another one to scan in this spring.  (Shout out to Joyce: a Sole Sister who knows how to set a limit and stick with it, you make it easier for me to do that for myself.  Thank you!)

Start where YOU are and have a good week of fitness;  walking, running or otherwise!  

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Joyce Dykema said...

Thanks Lora, it feels like wussing out sometimes, but I've been injured so many times and quit, I know I have to take it slower than most! I like your positive spin on setting limits for myself though!