Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sabre Red: A Review

I often run alone, and as the nights get longer and the mornings are just as dark, I'm often feeling a tad unsure of my surroundings. We live in a good neighborhood, but a neighbor and fellow Mother Runner had a van follow her around on two separate runs AND there is a bus route where the guys from Corrections catch a ride... it can make me nervous!

Several months ago, I bought a Saber Red Pepper Spray Keychain and I am so glad to have it. I feel confident in my ability to use it and love the size, shape and ease of use it provides. Mine is pink, too, because Saber Red donates a portion of proceeds from the pink Pepper Sprays to Breast Cancer Research! Win-win!

I only run without it when I'm doing a large group run where I feel protected by numbers, but otherwise I always have my Sabre Red!

Sabre Red has offered the Sole Sisters different types of products to review!

Here we have Erica reviewing the Spitfire and Meghan with the Runner:

Sabre Red Pepper Spray was kind enough to let us try out quite a few of their products. Since the Sole Sisters were testing so many different designs, we all got to joking who was going to really try it out, if you know what I mean. Well, after dry heaving over the toilet and still feeling it in my throat and nose, I guess that would be me. Sometimes, I am such a moron.

I was sitting down to write the review when I thought I’d give it a spray one more time. It’s very easy to use, but also has a little resistance to make it safer. I sat in my basement and sprayed just the tiniest bit away from me. It was within seconds I started coughing and could feel it all in my throat & nose. Oops! I’m still trying to clear my throat! I can tell you without question that this stuff works!! That being said, there is a bigger reason then my stupidity that this will never become part of my running routine: MY KIDS.

The night I brought it home I put it up on the counter and went to bed. The next evening I came home and it was out of the plastic wrapping and sitting under my kitchen table unsure. That is terrifying to me. I am a person ridden with anxiety. I thought pepper spray would leave me feeling confident & ready for any attacker. But, my anxiety about my kids getting sprayed trump any feelings of good I get from having the pepper spray. My children are young, 4 and 1, and I can’t think of a single place in my house that I would feel confident storing the pepper spray without worrying about them.

So, although I thank Sabre for allowing me the opportunity to try out their product (quite literally), this is not a running must for me!


When I heard about pepper spray for runners I was interested but scared.  My last experience with pepper spray was in high school on my key chain and I sprayed myself in the face and it was horrible.  My husband even saw what I was going to use while running and said " Be careful you would be the type to spray yourself in the face."  I laughed and said thanks hon ( he knows me well).  The good news is I ran with it and did not spray myself in the face.  I love the cute pink color ,it matched my shoes and running shorts, and the fact that it straps to your hand.  I was running as it was starting to get dark and I felt safe because it was in my hand ready to use if needed.  It is easy to use just turn dial and spray.  It was not too easy though as in spray yourself too easy :)  I really liked this product and felt safer having it in my hand.

Now for some fun news! Sabre Red is giving Away a Pepper Spray product to a lucky reader!! You have several ways of entering, please comment on this blog post for each individual entry and be sure to leave us with a way to contact you!
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A winner will be chosen via on Monday October 8, 2012


jessica said...

I would choose any of them! I run alone in the country and I would love to have some pepper spray to use on random animals and boogey men I may encounter! I have been wanting pepper spray but I am not sure where I would find it in a store!

I hope I win! Nice job Sole Sisters!!

Mindy Bruce said...

I have a spitfire. Believe me, they work! I was in a bar and a girl came up and said "what is this" and sprayed it directly in a guys face and he was down for the count - plus they had to clear the bar out because the scent was so overwhelming.

Randi S said...

I would choose the Runner bc of the handheld. I carry spray right now and it's nice to have. I use it more for protection from dogs than people.

Randi S said...

I shared on fB

Randi S said...

I like Sabre Red on FB (Randi S)

Randi S said...

I follow your blog

Em Streit said...

I started following your blog (trying to get back into running after having been on cross country in high school (just graduated college)). I liked Sabre Red on Facebook and shared I would choose the runner version first, keychain version second.

Jessica Gentert said...

I would like any of them I run in the country and on the highway so safety is a huge issue for me. I mean you just never know when a wilde animal will attack or a random wild person either.

Jessica Gentert said...

I liked sabre red on fb

Jessica Gentert said...

I follow your blog!