Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello Again


Hello again, I have not blogged for awhile.  Life has been crazy for a few weeks now.  I went to physical therapy and started to get better and run again, pain free!  Just when I could start running again, illness hit our house and hit it hard.  This was my week three weeks ago.  Monday- one daughter has slight cough stay home to be safe.  Wednesday another daughter has a UTI and Friday both daughters have Influenza.  Sunday one daughter gets worse so we run to ER, only to be told she is fine.  She does not have pneumonia, she is not dehydrated and to calm down the flu takes 5 to 7 days to get over.  I disagree so we got back to the doctor on Monday.  While driving to the doctor I am praying, and praying.  My little D ( 4 years old) does not look good, I know something is very wrong.  We see the doctor they take one look at her and one listen to her dehydration and pneumonia!! They say hurry to the hospital we will call ahead.  I am all by myself. Rob is home with the others kids.  I call him.  I get to the hospital the nurses look her over, one nurse informs me they have to call the Rapid response team because of her respiration rate and because she is so lethargic, think little rag doll.  Soon the room is filled with about 10 more people all with gowns and masks and equipment.  They are from the ICU they attach monitors all over  her.  It is hard for me to be close to her with so many people.  I am not totally sure what is going on. One nurse asks me " Mom how are you holding up?' OH man, don't ask me this now.  I am strong, I am fine.  I have to be strong for D.  I squeak out a little "OK" .  One nurse hugs me and says " I am sure she has had better days".  The tears start to silently flow.  Is she going to be OK?  Why did that ER doctor send me home? Then then try the IV.  She is so dehydrated they can not gets it.  One nurse tries, another nurse tries.   They get an anesthesiologist to try, then they get the head anesthesiologist on duty to try.  ALL in ALL it is 12 times!  Three in her left hand, two in her left arm, three in her right arm, two in her left foot and two in her right foot.   She cries and screams with each one.  I pray and pray.  They then decided to stop trying and just try to get her to drink.  We end up staying at the hospital a week.  She goes on Oxygen and gets up to 3.0 Liters and then goes down  and then back up.  They try an IV again a few days later and they get it on the second try and that seems to really help her.  She is home now and doing well and even went back to preschool today.  I know this is not about running, it is  about a hard week in my life that I learned many things.  I learned to trust myself,  I knew she was really sick no matter what the ER said and I took her back and thank God I did, her personal doctor said I could have saved her life.  I am so thankful for my parents and all their help taking care of A and  P while my husband (  when not working) and I stayed at the hospital.  I am so very lucky to have them and it would have been so much harder without their help.  I also have a new focus on my half marathon this year.  I am thankful I did not sign up for the full :)  I originally wanted to have a goal time and really own this one. Monday my official training starts and I am the least  prepared physically to start training that I have ever been.  My shorter runs have been hard, and I feel like I have lost a lot from not running for awhile.  Mentally I got this.  Mentally I am tough.  I know I can do this, I have run Lincoln two times before and I know I can run 13.1 miles. I just made it through a very tough week and we all are doing well now.  I got this.  I think I may actually slow down and enjoy this one.  Wave at more people, give more high fives and maybe even dance to the music.  I will encourage others and just enjoy my running. Life can be hard at times, but that makes me what to enjoy the good times all that much more.

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The Mussertons said...

You definitely have it, Meghan!! I am so glad that D is better and even back at school! What a week! I love your new half plan, you are still owning it!