Monday, February 4, 2013

New shoes!

I finally got organized (and I am not even joking when I say this-I wasted a whole lot of time and gas driving to the store without my purse in an attempt to get new running shoes!! Who knows how this happened? Seriously? Any ideas, because I can't even claim this was the first time I did this?!) enough to not only shop for new running shoes but to actually purchase them!

I went to my local running store because I wanted to make sure I spoke with someone knowledgeable about all things related to running and shoes. My chief complaint about my old pair was that I had to lace them very loosely or they were just too tight and my feet would go numb/fall asleep. I tried on 5 pairs of shoes, all of their stability styles. I fell in love with the pretty Mizunos but they came up higher on my ankle and that just felt off for me. I did not care for the looks of the Nike shoe I tried on, but they felt great. In the end, I went with my current shoe the Brooks adrenaline in a wide. I was not thrilled to go with a wide but I will blame it on my higher than typical arch/instep (or whatever the salesman said).

I did an easy 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym this morning and was pretty pleased with my shoes. I have read that some people log their miles so they know exactly how many miles are on their shoes. I have just relied on my feet/legs to let me know when I need to replace. How about you? Do you track mileage or do you replace when you feel the need?


Randi S said...

I do track my mileage via a calendar. It's my training/workout calendar. I track everything on there - what I did, how long. So then I know when to replace. I replace every 300 miles or so.

The Mussertons said...

That sounds super easy, especially with an app like Runkeeper. I am going to do that this time, I am really curious how many miles I really put on before I feel like I need new shoes. :)Do you 'feel' like you need new shoes when you replace?