Monday, January 28, 2013

Running, running, running....

Well, I am still at it! I have not backed off my training plan. I moved indoors last week for all my runs. I have to say that the treadmill was not as awful as it could have been. The saving grace for my long 6.2 mile run was having a HUGE fan blowing right on me. I can't complain about that!

One thing I totally failed at last week was making it to my local running store for new shoes. I paid for that laziness today. The weather was foggy and kind of wet and totally reminded me of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I was super excited to be outdoors but my legs and feet were not happy with my shoe situation. Ugh, slowest 5k ever!

My current shoes are Brooks adrenalines and I am not sure about staying with Brooks or trying out Mizuno. Are you loyal to a brand and line or do you change it up often??

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