Monday, May 13, 2013

I did it! :)

The Lincoln Half Marathon was last Sunday. I am very proud to say that I finished the half and met my goals! Admittedly I kept my goals pretty attainable, but it is fabulous to have met them. :)
My primary goal was to run the entire half. Well, with the exception of water stops, I am not skilled at chugging water and running at the same time! I walked as I was drinking at the water stations but ran every other step. My second goal was to finish between 2:30 and 2:40. I finished in 2:33 and some seconds (can't remember). My average pace was 11:40, I kept negative splits (barely, but still) and felt really good the majority of the course. I am not a speedy runner not did I do any speed work while training for this race so my pace was good for me and represented my training well.  

I had a great experience at the race! It was pretty great to have such great spectators along the course. My wonderful friend Brooke was there to cheer me on as well as some of the Sole Sisters (those who weren't running it). David and the girls caught me twice along the course and have me a huge energy boost each time. To be honest running my usual loops around town is boring compared to all the signs and cheering spectators!

There were a few things that I did not love about the race. The first would be waiting 45 minutes after the gun start to cross the start line. I appreciated the space it gave all the runners at every pace but it was not fun waiting in the cold for that long. I was shivering and my legs were very stiff but after the first mile I felt much better. Oh and I did not love hearing an old professor's name being announced a few minutes after I finished the half. He of course finished the full! I can hear him criticizing my training and pace in my head quite clearly. He was that kind of professor! But he is also a speedy runner so kudos to him! ;)

I am excited to have my half number two already scheduled. It  be another fun one. :) Maybe I will work on getting a tiny bit faster?!


Patricia said...

Great job!! I must have finished just ahead of you

The Mussertons said...

Thank you and huge congrats to you!! It is a great race! Have you done it before?